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Scanlations from Ii Shan Ten

Manga and doujinshi translation updates and releases from Ii Shan Ten.
Jul 4 '14

On today’s episode of Dragon Ball— wait, no, this is Gintama chapter 362-364, the host club arc, isn’t it. It’s been a long time coming, so here’s the whole thing in one shot!

You may notice that ch362 has a slightly different title than I listed in the table of contents included with ch361; this is because at the time I figured “bonbon” and “korokoro” were onomatopoeia or something, only for me to later find out it’s part of a joke that was in a page I didn’t have until the kind anon supplied me with complete raws. It’s small enough that I didn’t figure it’d be worth a third release of ch361, but  basically that’s what’s going on there. It’s such a good joke, though, you guys.

And this may come as unexpected news, but I’ve decided my ventures in translating Gintama will end here. Hi Wa Mata Noboru, who translate Gintama on a regular basis, have closed the gap in their backlog and translated this volume coincidentally at the same time as I was working on it. Since this was just meant to be a stopgap measure to get some translation of v42 out there, I don’t really see any reason for me to keep working on it and translate the Baragaki arc, which is now already translated. I was even on the fence about finishing up the host club arc, but I’d already started typesetting when I found out, and at that point I wanted to see it through. So congrats, HWMN, on closing the gap, and thank you, Gintama fans, for your support on this project!

Now, as for me, I think I’m going to start rereading Dragon Ball…

DL: [ch362] [ch363] [ch364]

Jun 21 '14

Thanks to the aid of the kind anon who provided complete raws with the pages I was missing, I’m able to present Gintama chapter 361, version 2. It’s the same as the last release but with the previously missing pages, plus a translation note I forgot the first time around, so if you’ve uploaded it to an online reader (hey batoto hi hello there) please replace the old version with this one. I guess that’s all I have to say.

DL: [mf]

Jun 10 '14

To the anon who messaged me the other day here: My inbox has been eating things recently so if you sent me a link I never received it. I did get the message I’m assuming was from you asking if I’d downloaded the volume (if that wasn’t you than I’m even more confused than I thought) but I don’t know if you got my reply, tumblr may have eaten that as well. I’m sorry for all this confusion, but please either message me again, or if you have twitter/know someone who does, maybe you could drop me a line at redranger_kei and we’ll have a little more luck.

To everyone else: Sorry about the dashboard spam, your patience and understanding are appreciated.

Jun 7 '14

Anonymous asked:

hello.. i just wanted to say that i have the volume 42 of Gintama with the pages in order... i can give you the drive link if you want.. may i post it here?

Wow, thank you so much for offering, I’m really grateful! You can send me the link through the message function by clicking the envelope icon, or if you don’t have an account you can send it through the ask box (just say what it is in the message in case I forget and wonder why I’m getting random links).

Jun 6 '14

Anonymous asked:

i live in nyc where the japanese volumes are fairly easy to get. if you like, i would mail you volume 42 if you are willing to manage dissembling the book and scanning its pages.

That’s incredibly kind of you to offer! But unfortunately I have no experience dissembling and scanning manga for translation and I don’t think I’d be up to the task, so I wouldn’t be comfortable accepting. Thank you, though.

Just an open letter to anyone, I guess, but if anyone turns up raw scans (other than the ones on Nyaa, which are what I’m using) I’d appreciate a link, but for the time being I’m just going to keep working with the Nyaa scans, since the odd absent page here and there doesn’t seem to be taking anything away from the story.

Jun 3 '14

Since there’s been a big volume-42-sized gap in Gintama scanlations for like three years(? maybe?) I’ve decided to just go ahead and translate it myself, starting with Gintama chapter 361 here. I was originally just going to dump the whole volume in one go, but it’s taking forever to translate and typeset, so have the first chapter of it since it’s a standalone anyway.

Disclaimer: The file numbers aren’t sequential so I don’t know if that means there are pages missing. Raws were surprisingly hard to find, so I didn’t have anything to compare it against, but anyway I don’t think there’s any difficulty following the story or anything. We’ll play that by ear I guess.

DL: [mf]

Mar 21 '13

Mahjong Club chapter 8/the volume 2 omake stuff/whatever you want to call it is here, a little earlier than expected. I guess it’s supposed to be funny because it’s so different in tone from the rest of the series(?)  but I found it kind of distressing, actually! So brace yourself for what amounts to a kdrama ending, basically. Anyway, thanks for sticking around for this project; I’ll probably be quiet for a while because of school and whatnot, but I already have the next project in mind, so you’ll hear from me again at some point.

Series info: [baka-updates]
DL: [mf]
OR download the zip file of the full volume: [mf]

Mar 20 '13

Mahjong Club chapter 7 is here, and brings with it the return of Asakura and the ridiculously sudden introduction of a romantic subplot. I know that doesn’t sound too promising, but once it gets going it’s as ridiculous as every other Mahjong Club subplot, so don’t count it out before you give it a shot. This is the last chapter proper, but there’s some end-of-volume stuff before the series wraps up. Look forward to it!

Series info: [baka-updates]
DL: [mf]

Mar 5 '13

Mahjong Club chapter 6 stars Asakura as Sir Not Appearing In This Chapter and has more ping pong than mahjong but in my opinion is a pretty entertaintaining chapter nonetheless. One more chapter and then the end-of-volume omake and we’ll be good to wrap up.

Series info: [baka-updates]
DL: [mf]

Feb 20 '13

Mahjong Club chapters 4 and 5 are here, and bring with them the obligatory beach chapter that is actually just Asakura being terrible at English, quoting the Japanese penal code, an taking a game of beach mahjong way, way more seriously than everyone else. Chapter 5 is just one page (I don’t even know why it’s counted as a chapter) so I included it in this release.

Series info: [baka-updates]
DL: [mf]